Watch: Beaver builds a ‘dam’ inside an animal rehabilitation center

Beavers, commonly called ecosystem engineers, are known to build themselves elaborate homes by altering the landscape around them. The tendency to build “dams” around a flowing stream, which is an important step in creating beaver lodges, is almost instinctive in beavers. A video documenting this has now gone viral.

The video shows a beaver bringing logs of wood and placing them together. There’s the faint sound of running water in the background, which might be why the skilled rodent was prompted to build a dam.

The video showing this interesting beaver behavior was posted online by a Twitter user named Sue (@SueM2022) on October 18. It has so far garnered over 1.5 million views. The viral video was captioned: “This beaver is in a rehab center and decided to build a dam at the door – LOL. You can remove the animal from the nature, but you cannot remove the nature from the animal.

Commenting on the video, one Twitter user wrote, “So cute, and the way she jumped up and almost giggled when you called her name was proof she was having fun doing something she knew she was doing.” she shouldn’t do!”

According to New Scientist, beavers live in a structure called a “beaver lodge” which is built in the middle of a body of water. The beavers first build a dam around a stream which creates a flooded pool of water. They then build a dome-shaped structure in the middle of the flooded area. These lodges are only accessible through an underwater entrance which protects the beavers from predators such as wild animals which cannot dive into the water.

Benjamin M. Yerger