About Me

Hi. I am Melissa. Keen dog owner and dog lover.

I've had dogs since I was 6 years old, and that was when the love affair started. They're just so absorbing, daft, fun and lovable.

I had a Labrador back then. When she passed was the worst day of my young life, yet at the same time, I knew it wouldnt be long before we would have another four legged frined in our family home.


Then we had a Red Setter. They are daft as a brush. She would regularly disappear, get my parents stressed and worried, then casually reappear 3 days later, utterly bedraggled but fine.

Then there was the Collie. Super bright, highly strung

Springers are a lovely breed. That was my first dog as an adult. They are intelligent, fun and loving. Easy to train.

Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk dogs and dog holidays and such

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