Valley Animal Center hires two new vets to help with service backlog

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Across the country, the demand for vets has increased throughout the pandemic.

Valley Animal Center has also started experimenting with this, with many people adopting pets.

“It was great to see our adoption rates go up and new pets and all of that – it was a happy time,” executive director Rob Piccolo said. “Of course, with the new pet ownership, more services are needed, more veterinary services.”

The demand for animal care in Fresno County quickly became apparent to staff.

“It was not uncommon for us to book our neuters and neuters, and one day we would open the phone lines and about 15 minutes later the whole month was booked,” Piccolo recalls.

There was a backlog of services at the Valley Animal clinic, as there was only one full-time vet and one part-time vet.

However, the backlog is now starting to shrink after the clinic recruited two new full-time vets, for a total of three.

They also continue to recruit veterinary technicians. Currently, the clinic has three.

“We’ll bring them in for a bit. We’ll allow them to do their internship here. Then, often times, we’ll hire these people from their internship,” Piccolo said.

According to the executive director, the clinic is always booked, as it operates with the backlog.

“Our neuters and neuters are already full, throughout the rest of this year,” he said. “So until December 31.”

Piccolo recommends pet owners schedule annual vaccinations and checkups months in advance.

“You really have to think of your pet as your child, right? You know when your child has to go see a dentist – plan for that and be away at least two months for something like that,” said he declared.

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Benjamin M. Yerger