Pima Animal Care Center prepares for the influx of animals

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The Pima Animal Care Center is asking for help from the community to place 250 dogs in foster or adoption homes 2 weeks ahead of the July 4 holiday, when staff expect to see 400 dogs brought to the shelter.

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On average, the shelter sees about 200 dogs a week, but the week after July 4, they expect to see at least double that number. With the holidays falling on a Monday this year, the shelter prepares for three or four consecutive nights of fireworks that put the animals in fight-or-flight mode and drive them on the run.

“The week of July 4 is always the busiest week of the year for us,” said Monica Dangler, Director of Animal Services. “In order to help the frightened animals that we know we will see next week, we need to create space to keep them safe until their families can pick them up. Currently, PACC does not have this space available.

As of Monday, June 27, PACC currently has over 509 dogs at the shelter. In order to prepare for the number of dogs they typically take in during the week after the holidays, PACC needs to release 250 large dogs this week through rescue, adoption or short-term fostering partners.

To see all the animals currently at the shelter, visit PACC’s adoption page or visit the shelter in person Monday through Friday from noon to 7 p.m. or 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Please do not call or email regarding pets at the shelter. Due to the lack of staff, they favor in-person requests.

To register to become a host partner with PACC, visit the host family information page.

“Most of the animals we see the week after the July 4 holiday are pets that have been surprised during a fireworks display and their families are actively looking for them,” Dangler said. “For this reason, they are usually claimed within two days of arriving at the shelter. If we can create the space for a week or two, it will allow us to care for these animals until we are able to reunite them with their families.

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