Pima Animal Care Center Launches New “Prevent Euthanasia” List

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – The Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) is launching a new program to help its cats and dogs find their forever homes.

PACC has been struggling to clean its kennels for months. The dire situation peaked earlier this summer and forced them to declare code red status.

For weeks, the shelter encouraged potential pet owners by offering free adoptions. The organization expressed the wish to avoid any euthanasia.

In fact, they haven’t played one since 2017.

Although the “Empty the Shelter” event provided PACC with temporary relief, they are still struggling to find homes for all of their animals.

Pima Animal Care Center

The new strategy of the organization started at the beginning of September. Known as the “Euthanasia Prevention” list, it is made up of dogs that shelter staff say are a good fit for a wide variety of homes.

Many shelters tend to do the opposite by publishing “euthanasia lists” full of dogs at risk of being put down.

Pima Animal Care hopes that by doing the opposite, they can devote more resources to finding a new home for at-risk dogs.

Adoption fees are waived for all adult pets on the list. It is updated every Monday and Wednesday.

You can find that list here.



Benjamin M. Yerger