Nate Berkus redesigns New York animal hospital in collaboration with Amex and Dell

Improved interior and technical infrastructure at Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital provides better customer, patient and staff experience

Designer and HGTV personality, Nate Berkus, founder of Nate Berkus Interiors, recently collaborated with American Express and Dell Technologies to renovate Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital, a small clinic in New York, New York. Its waiting room has been redesigned and its technology improved.

“I have always believed in the power of design, and Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital has always had an incredible reputation, with a clientele and staff that have been there for years,” Berkus commented in a press release from American Express.1

“To create an environment that inspires staff and makes long-time customers and new customers feel welcome, it was important to convey the company’s personality while understanding that…small businesses need to keep account the…internal systems they use to support growth and expansion,” he added.

The overhaul also came at a time when Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital, like many other such clinics, was suffering the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic with staffing shortages and a greater influx of patients.

When updating the reception area, the Berkus team incorporated modern brown-colored seating with decorative plush pillows for pets and their owners. They also adorned the space with plants in vases and creative murals depicting the furry patients who visit the practice.

“There’s something that just feels…much more personal and much more energetic about [the waiting area,] and I’m so glad you’re starting to welcome everyone back,” Berkus said in a video from American Express.1

Clinic owner and medical director Richard Fried, VMD, was pleased with the redesign.

“It’s beautiful…it’s so warm and inviting. In the 22 years since we’ve been open, I’ve never seen it look so good,” he said in the video. “Speaking of which, everything sounded good, the models looked good, but seeing it, it’s really phenomenal… Everyone will be really invigorated to have such a welcoming space, and I know that all customers will love this.”

A technical specialist from Dell Technologies also consulted with Fried about the systems in place and the issues to determine what action to take. They hatched a plan to integrate a system that allowed for seamless tasks, and the company provided Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital with the latest monitors, desktops, and printers. According to Fried, now when patients enter exam rooms, their charts, lab work and x-rays are right in front of him and easily accessible.

“Through the redesign, we are able to connect with our patients in a warm and welcoming space,” Fried said, in the press release.1 “Thanks to new technology, we can seamlessly, securely and reliably manage our data-rich workflow and the maintenance of our medical and financial records. Simply put, we can better serve our ever-growing customer base and the community at large. »


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Benjamin M. Yerger