Horry County Animal Care Center’s new program allows pets to be fostered during Thanksgiving

Animal lovers hoping to have a furry friend by their side this Thanksgiving holiday might be in luck.

A new program will allow them to do just that.

The Horry County Animal Care Center allows any animal lover who might be a little scared to commit – or just not sure yet – a chance to participate in their vacation foster program.

This will allow families or people wishing not to be alone to enjoy a few days with an animal from the center. Wednesday will be the last day to pick up a host family.

“The hope is to give anxious animals a break from the noise and hubbub of shelter life,” county spokeswoman Mikayla Moskov said in an email. “We hope this opportunity will also bring the joy of having a pet to more members of the community, including those who love animals but may not be able to adopt at this time.

If temporary foster families decide they want to adopt the animal permanently, they can make the switch on Sunday at no cost. Otherwise, they will have to drop the animal off that day.

The center will be closed to the public from Thursday to Sunday, except for those who drop off their pet.

Anyone interested in the program can drop by the Conway Center at 1923 Industrial Park Road.

The program will also be available in December for Christmas. Pickup will be December 22 and drop off will be December 28.

Benjamin M. Yerger