CARE Animal Center’s Dr. Clark shares summer pet safety tips

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – Temperatures in Wiregrass are climbing as we head into summer.

Dr. Ken Clark of Dothan’s Care Animal Center wants pet owners to be on high alert outdoors.

He says never leave your pet inside a hot vehicle, not even for a minute.

For outdoor animals, enough shade, fresh water and even a fan are essential.

Walks should be limited to early morning or late evening to ensure paws don’t get burned.

Also, be aware of the signs of overheating and know what to do if it happens.

“They’ll start to breathe really hard, you’ll start to see them slow down – their body is overheating,” says Dr. Clark. “You have to start immediately watering them, putting them on a fan, getting them to cool down as quickly as possible. When they start breathing hard and their tongue hangs out, look at the color of their tongue, if it starts to turn blue you are in for a real serious problem.

Clark says to be very careful with pets in the heat whether they are young or very old.

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