Bluebonnet Animal Hospital & Riverside Vet Animal of the Week: Meet APA’s ‘Unicorn Sparkle’!

Austin Animals Alive! presents “Unicorn Sparkle”, that the volunteers call “adorable, soft and calm” for Bluebonnet Veterinary Hospital and Riverside Veterinarian “Pet of the Week” Segment.

APA! says, “The magical and mystical unicorn sparkle is as rare as its name suggests! She loves baking cookies and getting her cheeks scratched by visitors! Once familiar with the people and her surroundings, she really shines!

“Unicorn Sparkle loves watching Cat TV. She’s also been known to climb to the top of the cat’s bed and scratching post just to observe the activities of the house. You won’t usually see her playing with chopsticks or feathers, but that does not to say that she does not know how to have fun!

“Although she enjoys her time with me, she coexists very peacefully with the other cats in the house! Sometimes you can even catch her hiding under the cat’s bed with her housemates – it’s very close under there, and that doesn’t bother her at all!She has also had positive experiences with cat-loving children.

“Unicorn Sparkle is just waiting for a loving home where she can truly open up and show her full personality. Help this adorable little lady thrive and adopt her soon!

“Unicorn Sparkle tested positive for feline leukemia. FeLV is not a type of cancer. It is a virus that causes a weaker immune system and often a shorter lifespan. For the most part, ‘ FeLVies’ are like any other cat. APA! waives the cost of adopting these cats and provides FeLV-related treatment and support after adoption. Unicorn Sparkle can only live with other FeLV+ cats. , but dogs and other pets are doing great! Any questions? We’d love to talk to you about FeLV care.

“All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have up-to-date vaccinations and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

“For more information or to meet Unicorn Sparkle, please email [email protected]

APA! would also live to make a mention for Mr. M, a kitty who loves people (but struggles with other cats) and needs a good home that would free up space at the shelter.

Austin Animals Alive! asks potential foster parents for kittens to consider visiting the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. WCRAS’ kitten kennels are full and they are urgently looking for foster homes for their bottles.

Learn more about volunteering, promoting, adopting and donating to Austin Pets Alive! at

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Benjamin M. Yerger