Ambikapur News: Launch of the first Maa Mahamaya animal rehabilitation center in the district

Ambikapur. Collector Kundan Kumar inaugurated the first Maa Mahamaya Animal Rehabilitation Center in the city’s irrigation colony. The Animal Rehabilitation Center was established by snake and animal lover Satyam Dwivedi and his team in the former Irrigation Colony building. This building had turned into a ruin, which Satyam gave a new look with the cooperation of the public. In it, separate rooms have been arranged for the treatment of all animals and birds. The collector started by cutting the lace and enjoyed Satyam and his team very much. From now on, injured animals in the city will be treated and taken care of properly. Voluntary organizations were also congratulated on this occasion.

Board members and members of these voluntary institutions have openly reached out for the service of animals and animals. Provision has been made for the fodder of the animals and birds that live here. On this occasion, collector Kundan Kumar said that the work of protecting and caring for injured animals requires passion and sensitivity. Everyone has sympathy for their pets but sensitivity towards nomadic animals is rarely seen. A good job has been started by the team in starting an animal rehabilitation center here, it is commendable. There will be full cooperation from the district administration for the improvement of this center.

He called on the city’s citizens to come forward for all kinds of cooperation at this center. The animal rehabilitation center was established by Satyam Dwivedi and his team by sprucing up the old building, which has separate rooms for different animals. Bird lover Satyam Dwivedi expressed his gratitude to those who helped give the ruins a new look in seven months and urged citizens to come forward to serve the animals and birds.

On this occasion, former MP Kamalbhan Singh Maravi, Councilor Alok Dubey, Additional Police Superintendent Vivek Shukla, Councilor Vishwa Vijay Singh Tomar, Laxmi Gupta, Dr CK Mishra, Deputy Director in charge of Veterinary Services Dr Tanveer Ahmed, Vandana Dutta of Social Institute, Mukta Gupta, Mohammad Babar, Kaushlendra Pandey of Federation of Staff Officers, Piyush Tripathi, Raj Narayan Dwivedi, Geeta Dwivedi, Chaiti Agarwal, Smita Tiwari, Shubham Agarwal, Anubha Dabral, Dinesh Sharma and other public officials were present.

Posted by: Yogeshwar Sharma

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