Zachary Animal Center Recruits Companion Animals for Canine Pancreatitis Study

ZACHARY, La (BRPROUD) – The Zachary Animal Center is recruiting pet patients for a nationwide clinical study of a drug to help manage the signs of acute canine pancreatitis.

The Animal Center of Zachary says ingesting sugary, high-fat treats like those left around Halloween can lead to a “very painful” and potentially life-threatening condition.

“Although Halloween can be a fun event for pets and their owners, we encourage our customers to supervise their pets to prevent them from getting into trouble by eating leftover food and candy” , says Dr. Leigh O’Brien, a veterinarian at the clinic.

“We are delighted to participate in this study because acute canine pancreatitis is a serious and painful condition, and we are proud to play a role in the development of new treatments.

The Animal Center will provide free testing and treatment for acute canine pancreatitis as part of the study for dogs that qualify.

Dr. O’Brien said calling The Animal Center of Zachary at (225) 654-2649 is the best way to enroll your dog in the study, but pet owners can also visit the registration page. in line.

Benjamin M. Yerger