Woman brings her family’s lost dog to the veterinary hospital – but doesn’t return it to owners – CBS Atlanta

CHICAGO (WBBM-TV) — Where’s Wendy? He’s the beloved pet of a Chicago-area family who’s been looking for their missing dog for over 10 days now. Wendy has since been scouted, but is who she was last seen with as the family pleads for her safe return.

Surveillance cameras at the VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital captured Wendy being carried away by someone on Sunday, October 3. They also captured this same woman who was dating Wendy, but none have been seen since. It is a sad twist of fate for its owner, Yesenia Aguayo, whose joy will soon turn into sadness.

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“We usually take her outside to the yard to go to the bathroom and then she usually comes in,” Aguayo told WBBM-TV in Chicago. But Wendy, an 11-year-old Shih-Tzu/Chihuahua mix, didn’t return that fateful day and likely wandered off.

“We reported a missing dog to the Bensenville Police Department, and I called the Bensenville Veterinary Hospital, and they said no one had reported her,” she said.

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A few hours later, another animal hospital called Aguayo; the VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital located in Downers Grove, about 20 miles south of where Wendy went missing. They told Aguayo someone had brought the dog in as lost and they scanned his chip. The person who found her, seen on surveillance video from the veterinary hospital, said they would gladly facilitate a reunion.

“We agreed that we would meet at Bensenville Speedway,” said Aguayo. But the person who had Wendy never showed up. Now, over a week and a half later, Aguayo’s family is still searching for their beloved dog.

She hopes someone will recognize Wendy, or whoever found her, and can go back to feeding the little dog her favorite treat of warm tortillas. “Please just drop her off at any police department, and my family and I will greatly appreciate it. She’s been part of the family for a while,” Aguayo said.

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WBBM-TV reached out to VCA to ask about their policy when someone brings back a lost dog. They check for microchips and examine any abnormalities. They are looking into what happened in Wendy’s case and working with local authorities.

Benjamin M. Yerger