West Point Animal Hospital can’t get more ivermectin because too many people are taking antiparasitic drugs for COVID-19 West Point Animal Hospital can’t get more ivermectin because too many people are taking antiparasitic drugs for COVID-19 local news – Home – WCBI TV

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – Dr. Karen Emerson of Emerson Animal Hospital in West Point says they haven’t been able to order ivermectin for two weeks because people are using it inappropriately to treat COVID-19.

“Not only are you hurting the animals, but you’re getting the medicine they need by buying it and taking it,” she says. “You are also harming yourself with potentially dangerous effects.”

The Mississippi State Department of Health issued another warning Monday warning people not to take the livestock drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19.
The Mississippi Poison Control Center says it has received at least two reports of people going to the hospital after taking animal medication.

The United States Food and Drug Administration warned against using ivermectin to treat COVID in March.

“Low blood pressure, diarrhea, vomiting, sudden death, liver damage, these are all very critical things that can happen to you,” says Dr. Emerson.

The poison control center says it is getting more and more calls and that at least 70% are linked to people taking ivermectin. Dr Emerson says he only has one 15 milliliter bottle left.

“It’s a very big drug needed in veterinary medicine and unfortunately we currently cannot get the drug because of all the human consumption of ivermectin,” she says.

If the misuse of ivermectin continues, Dr Emerson says more and more pets will have to suffer longer.

“Some animals just won’t be treated,” she says. “Because there aren’t many other drugs on the market, especially for those little hamsters, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs.”

She says the beef industry could even be affected.

“That’s what they use to treat internal parasites in cattle and what do we do, we eat cattle. We have to keep our cattle healthy, we have to maintain the food supply chain, and the ivermectin is a medicine that we use.

Instead of ivermectin, Dr. Emerson recommends something safer that is FDA approved.

“If you have COVID or are afraid of getting COVID, get vaccinated,” she says. “It’s much safer than going for an unapproved animal product that we use in veterinary medicine.”

There is a version of ivermectin approved for human use to treat intestinal complications, but it requires a doctor’s approval. Neither the human version of ivermectin nor the animal dose is FDA approved to treat COVID-19.

Benjamin M. Yerger