We shouldn’t be paying 5307% more for animal care. But we should volunteer. | Survey the views

I love animals. I treat two small goats which are like pets for me. I also have a yellow cat that sleeps in my bed and punches me in the face in the morning until I get up and feed it. It’s more effective than an alarm clock. Animals have always been part of my life.

I appreciate the people in this community who do so much for the dog and cat population. Many volunteer hours have been spent at spaying and neutering clinics and vaccination clinics.

However, after reading the article in The Boulder Monitor on the animal shelter tax, I have some concerns. The article tells us that Cheryl Haassakker gave some numbers to the Jefferson County Commission. The number of dogs cared for by Cheryl and other volunteers who are often taken to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society can be as high as 40 per year at a cost of $125 per animal, an annual cost to the county of $3,000 $ to $5,000 per year. . The cost of building and operating a new facility in Jefferson County would cost taxpayers $265,365 per year. That’s about $6,634.13 per animal for the approximately 40 animals per year the county manages. I guess the facility would increase the number of animals it would treat, but you see what I’m trying to make. This is a drastic increase in the cost of this service. I appreciate the compassion, but I think cost should also be a deciding factor for these kinds of decisions. In a small community struggling to maintain an ambulance service and unable to sustain a police department, an animal shelter in Boulder seems like a premature development.

An animal sanctuary does not strike me as a cost-effective way to manage the small number of animals that affect our community. As property taxes increase, affecting both landlords and renters, this may not be the best answer for a small community. This is a 5,307% increase for taxpayers for the cost of animal care. I would, however, like to encourage others to get involved in the responsibility we all share to volunteer in our community to run the fire services, ambulance services, senior center, animal services and many more. Moreover.

Benjamin M. Yerger