Veterinary hospital sends supplies to Ukraine

Donation – Elora Gorge Veterinary Hospital has put together a box of medical supplies and is shipping them to Ukraine to help doctors treat the war wounded. Dr. Linda Franchetto, owner of the clinic, said he was a colleague who had heard of UK veterinary professionals for Ukraine and decided to train Canadian vets for Ukraine to do the same kind of work.

“It’s to help with the human effort,” Franchetto said, adding that the supplies she donated — gauze, IV catheters, saline, antibiotics — “are all human grade. We want to save animals too. , but we have to help people.

The organization is reaching out to veterinarians across Canada to request antibiotics to treat infections in animals or people, wound care supplies, surgical supplies and tranexamic acid used on greyhounds, which which can slow the bleeding of soldiers and civilians. Expired medical supplies and old bandages are also welcome.

“These supplies have been directly requested and will be transported directly to the front lines,” read a statement on the Canadian Veterinarians for Ukraine Facebook page. You will also find more information here.

Benjamin M. Yerger