Vale Park Animal Hospital puppy training classes bring socialization, discipline and bonding experiences to puppies and their owners throughout the region

Adding to your family in any way is scary. Adding a new puppy without the proper training or support can be especially difficult. Melissa Carmichael from Vale Park Veterinary Hospital helping new pet owners adjust to and support their dogs for 18 years.

Carmichael is Vale Park’s trainer and lodge manager. She offers private and group training for puppies and their owners.

Puppy training takes place over four weeks and is offered weeknights and Saturdays for $125. Puppies can register at the age of nine weeks.

By the end of puppy training, dogs and their owners will have learned a lot and made new friends.

“The biggest benefit to the class is socialization,” Carmichael said, “Dogs are around and with other puppies and other people.”

According to Carmichael, socialization is the key to a happy, well-adjusted dog.

“Dogs need to have these experiences, otherwise they tend to be more fearful and frightened as they get older,” Carmichael said. “The more you can move them around with people, dogs, and situations, the better it is for the dog.”

In addition to exploring new environments and interactions, Puppy School participants focus on several major skills.

“By practicing, they learn the basics,” Carmichael said. “We learn to sit and sit. We also begin to walk on a leash without pulling. Finally, we also cover all the common bad puppy behaviors like jumping, barking, biting and house training in the classroom. »

Training has long term benefits for humans as well as puppies.

“It’s a great bonding experience with your pets to work with and train them, and dog training is ongoing,” Carmichael said. “It’s a lifetime, you’re never done. You will train them forever.

Owners and puppies who are ready for more training can enroll in Vale Park’s Intermediate Training Program.

“The middle session involves working with more distance and distractions,” Carmichael said. “We’re starting to put more distance into their sit and stays, and we’ll start working on a heel rather than just walking on a loose leash. It just gets a little more difficult.

In addition to training, Vale Park offers several dog/puppy socialization opportunities through its services.

Carmichael is also in charge of Vale Park Lodge. The Lodge offers both daycare and boarding services for dogs and cats. Complete with two indoor play areas and three outdoor play areas, The Lodge lets owners know their pet is being taken care of while they’re at work or traveling.

Boarding ranges from $42 to $55 per night depending on suite size for dogs and $30 per night for cats. Daycare is $25 per day for dogs and $20 per day for cats.

Of course, any animal participating in Vale Park Animal Hospital must provide proof of vaccination before participating.

Interested in bringing your new puppy to training? Call Vale Park Animal Hospital at (219) 462-5785.

Benjamin M. Yerger