The Zoetis Foundation Announces Nearly $5 Million in Grants to Advance Animal Welfare Initiatives

Funding has been pledged to support veterinary scholarships, diversity and inclusion programs, and mental wellness in the United States, as well as livestock producers and veterinary livelihoods around the world

The Zoetis Foundation will distribute $4.9 million in its first round of 2022 grants. The funds will support 20 initiatives in 19 countries, with the goal of helping to create thriving professions and livelihoods for ranchers and professionals vets, as well as relief efforts in Ukraine.1

The Zoetis Foundation is a private charitable organization and is solely funded by Zoetis Inc, with separate legal requirements and restrictions.

According to Zoetis, veterinarians, vet techs and ranchers provide invaluable services to our communities, raising and caring for animals to be healthy and productive. Yet veterinarians and farmers face immeasurable challenges globally, such as rising student debt, a lack of professional diversity, and mental health issues that include higher risks of suicide.

The Zoetis Foundation has selected grantees who will provide greater access to education and mental wellness resources, expand veterinary debt relief, support diversity and inclusion efforts, and help enable livelihoods. prosper by funding programs that support veterinary practices and farmers adopting sustainable and resilient business practices.

“Caregivers are at the center of everything we do. As veterinarians and farmers continue to face increasing challenges, we are thrilled to fund a variety of organizations that are identifying innovative solutions and positively impacting our communities,” said Jeannette Ferran Astorga, President of the Zoetis Foundation and Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Communications and Sustainability at Zoetis, in an organizational press release.1

Additionally, as the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, the Zoetis Foundation is helping to provide critical support to affected communities with an initial donation of $150,000 to the Red Cross and matching donations from colleagues made to the organization. worldwide, up to $150,000.

The 2022 round one grant recipients are as follows1:

Scholarship, Debt Relief, Diversity and Inclusion Programs

  • Farm Journal Foundation: Through the Veterinary Debt Solutions Program, convene leaders to identify solutions and implement programmatic work to ease the burden of debt for veterinary students
  • National organization FFA: involving underrepresented populations in agricultural education
  • It Takes a Village Foundation: Expanding “Vet for a Day” Program to Attract Students of Color to the Veterinary Profession
  • Wildlife Conservation Society: support, training and mentorship for veterinary residency in zoological medicine and surgery
  • American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC): provides scholarships for veterinary students, addresses the issue of student debt and the need to foster diversity in the veterinary profession. Zoetis Inc. has previously funded scholarships for AAVMC – this Foundation grant will triple previous support from Zoetis Inc. to provide students with increased scholarship funds
  • American Veterinary Medical Foundation: provides scholarships for veterinary technicians
  • American Association of Swine Veterinarians Foundation: scholarship funds to support student seminars and poster presentations
  • College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University: facilitated by Give2Asia to establish a team of specialized graduate faculty focusing on veterinary clinical sciences in China
  • UNESP Faculty of Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences Jaboticabal Campus: scholarship for veterinary training in Brazil
  • UNESP Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences Botucatu Campus: Scholarship for Veterinary Training in Brazil

Improve livelihoods

  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in cooperation with The Sustainability Consortium: providing technical assistance to U.S. farmers to implement conservation practices that help improve farm operations while generating benefits for native habitat and wildlife
  • World Association of Small Animal Veterinarians Foundation: Improving Companion Animal Care in Africa through Science and Education; empowering veterinary businesses and livelihoods using a One Health approach
  • Livestock Industry Foundation for Africa: Expanding the Success of Zoetis ALPHA Initiatives and LIFA Knowledge Sharing to Other West African Countries
  • Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union: building farmer-led systems and tools that improve productivity, production and incomes for smallholder dairy farmers in southwestern Uganda
  • Instituto Biosistêmico Projecto Cooplaf: an intensive 24-month intervention with 100 family dairy farms in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil

Mental well-being

  • Shanti Project Veterinary Mental Health Initiative: providing evidence-based, culturally competent, tiered mental health support services to veterinarians by expert clinicians
  • AAVMC Well on our Way: wellness program hosted by leading veterinary wellness professionals with applicable, evidence-based and timely skill building to help veterinarians be well throughout their careers
  • AAVMC Pathways to Change: Generating Organizational Wellness Solutions for Veterinary Medicine Education through Evidence-Based Approaches, Design Thinking, and Change Management Practices
  • The Human Animal Bond Research Institute: explore the vital role of the human-animal bond in the health and well-being of people, pets and the veterinary community

The Zoetis Foundation was announced in 2021 to support communities and people who care for animals. In its first year of grantmaking, the Foundation supported scholarships and diversity initiatives to help create a more inclusive veterinary community in the United States. In 2022 and beyond, the foundation will expand to provide support through global initiatives focused on education, debt relief, diversity and inclusion, livelihoods and well-being mental. The foundation has committed initial funding of $35 million through 2025.


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Benjamin M. Yerger