The Mckamey Animal Center will modify its operations from January 1

In order to continue to provide essential emergency animal services, McKamey Animal Center will modify its operations starting January 1, 2021.

These changes will primarily affect our Animal Admissions and Veterinary Services departments, ensuring that we have the staff and resources necessary to preserve essential functions and maintain the highest standards of care for homeless animals at our facility.

The main changes include:

  • As of January 1, 2021, all shelter-related activities – including taking in animals, adoptions, vet appointments, etc. – will be done by appointment only, no visit or deposit will be accepted.
  • Hamilton County residents living within the city limits of Chattanooga, Red Bank or Lakesite can make an appointment. Humane Educational Society for their assistance). McKamey Animal enter will no longer be able to accept animals from outside Hamilton County.
  • The admission of healthy outdoor cats will be suspended until further notice. An animal shelter is a stressful place for cats, and cats used to living outdoors are especially vulnerable to stress and illness when cared for in a shelter. As long as cats seem healthy, it’s best to stay where they are, near sources of food, water, and shelter that they know. MAC will work with citizens to arrange spaying appointments for community cats and will provide resources and support for those dealing with nuisance cats.
  • Veterinary services will be limited to preventative services only (vaccines, microchipping and neutering surgeries) and will be available only to residents of Hamilton County. We encourage all pet owners to contact other low-cost clinics or their local full-service veterinary office for their general pet care needs, and inquire about payment plans or consider purchasing pet insurance to cover emergencies and other unforeseen veterinary expenses.

Of course, our Animal Services Officers will continue to prioritize emergency calls, i.e. those involving animals that are actively subjected to cruelty, sick/injured animals, and animals that are actively posing an imminent danger to the public or others. animals. Hamilton County residents are encouraged to call 423/305-6500 to report an emergency or for advice and assistance in handling a non-emergency situation.

And we continue to need adoptive and foster homes for our animals, and we encourage anyone who might have room in their home for a homeless animal to contact us.

Please visit to make an adoption appointment or to register as a temporary foster family.

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Benjamin M. Yerger