Stateline Animal Rehabilitation Organization to Host Interactive Animal Exhibit This Weekend | News

DURRAND, Ill. (WREX) — When you set foot on the grounds of Hoo Haven, you can hear the voice of nature.

35 years of healing.

Always ready to help the next animals get back on their feet.

“I was one of those little girls who always loved animals,” said Karen Herdklotz, director of Hoo Haven. “I would go to my father and if I found one, I would improve it.”

Herdklotz founded Hoo Haven to serve everyday wildlife in the Stateline. She says seeing an animal make a full recovery warms her heart.

“First of all, when you see they’re going to be successful and you see them improve, it warms your heart,” Herdklotz said. “Then when you take them to a release site and let them go, you know you are part of their recovery.”

Seeking to inspire the community, Herdklotz will bring long furry friends to the Nordlof Center this weekend for “Birds of Prey.”

“We’re going to be there with some owls, snakes and a bunny,” Herdklotz said. “We’re going to have a great time.”

Presenting an opportunity to see an owl up close and personal, unlike a zoo.

“When you go to the zoo, you can see a bird of prey, but it’s about 50 feet back,” Herdklotz said. “So we’re about six to eight feet away from them.”

One of the stars of the show is Denver, a Great Horned Owl.

And even if you won’t be able to touch it this weekend…

“But they’ll be able to see them up close and personal, and if they want to take a picture, they can,” Herdklotz said.

Hoping to leave new faces with the knowledge to keep nature strong, so wildlife can thrive.

“We all need help sometimes,” Herdklotz said. “And that goes for animals. We are all meant to be stewards of Mother Earth.”

Make the world a better place for everyone.

‘Birds of Prey’ will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday at the Nordlof Center. It’s free.

Benjamin M. Yerger