SCV News | Castaic Animal Care Center offers walk-in visits in time for National Adoption Weekend

Uploaded: , Friday May 20th, 2022

By press release

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control is aware of the public’s desire to visit our walk-in animal care centers. In response, Animal Care and Control is adopting new public visiting hours for unscheduled visits just in time for National Pet Adoption Weekend, May 20-22. Effective immediately, all animal care centers, including Castaic Animal Care Center, will have new hours of operation for appointment visits and walk-in visits.

Between the hours of 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. every day except Wednesday when visiting hours will be from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., the public will be able to visit the care centers and make transactions without an appointment.

Appointments will continue to take place in the morning beginning at 10 a.m. as they remain the most efficient and successful way to place homeless animals into new homes.

Owners who have lost their pets will be able to continue to redeem their pets at any time.

“As we make these changes, we will continue to monitor customer service and traffic activity to ensure we are properly addressing public health and safety and animal welfare,” Marcia Mayeda said. , director of animal care and control.

The public is reminded that they always have the option of continuing to make an appointment to visit in the morning.

The weekend of May 20-22 is National Pet Adoption Weekend. Dogs can be adopted for as little as $50 or a cat for $25. Fees include microchipping, vaccines, sterilization and adoption fees. Additional charges may apply.

To find your perfect pet, visit LA County Animal Adoptions.

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