Rescued Beagles Now Available for Adoption at the Helen Woodward Animal Center –

RANCHO SANTA FE (KUSI) – 43 beagles have been dropped off at the Helen Woodward Center after a huge rescue and they are now looking for foster families.

A total of 4,000 Beagles were rescued from the Virginia testing center and are now housed at dozens of animal centers across the country. Helen Woodward is one of only two animal centers on the West Coast to house these dogs.

Jessica Gercke and Monica Petruzzelli brought one of these rescued Beagles, Thatcher, to the KUSI News studio to present him in San Diego.

Monica is currently encouraging Thatcher, until someone adopts her forever.

Gercke and Petruzzelli explained that Beagles were very hesitant to adapt to life outside of the lab testing center, but they were so loving and gentle. For example, they’ve never been walked on a leash before, so they don’t fully understand how to do this without being extremely stressed. Petruzzelli says squeaky toys scare him and just being alone stresses him out.

Helen Woodward Animal Center is looking for families to adopt these 43 Beagles, but in order not to overwhelm them, they show them by appointment only.

Visit to make an appointment or find more information.

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Benjamin M. Yerger