Reopening of Westview Animal Hospital as Fidelis Animal Hospital

Pet lovers across Georgetown County were left distraught last February with the passing of local veterinarian Dr. Ernest Fox, who ran Westview Animal Hospital for 52 years.
One of the many things Dr. Fox was known for was the compassion he had for all pets that were brought into his practice.
Since Dr. Fox’s death, the staff have provided primarily pension and drug services.

Now Westview is reopening under a new name by Dr Katie Roe-Jarisch who until two weeks ago was a practicing veterinarian at Meadowlawn Animal Services in Carolina Forest.
She left that practice to open Fidelis Animal Hospital – the new name for what was Westview – located at 3779 Highmarket Street.
Dr Katie, as she is known, says that after Dr Fox died, she got to know his family and decided to buy the property and the business.
She retired from the military where she served as a veterinarian working extensively with police dogs.
Since graduating from vet school in 2014, she has always wanted to own her own practice in a small town.
She said that in addition to the services run by Dr. Fox, she would provide additional options.
Her services will include wellness visits, sick calls, surgery, dental care and prevention.
“I practice medicine without fear. My goal is to keep them as comfortable as possible,” she said.
An open day will take place this Sunday, September 18 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Dr Katie said it will be a time filled with fun, food and prizes. Its pastor, Reverend Rusty Ward (Timberlake Baptist Church) will bless the business.
In addition to the open house, there will be hot dogs, gift baskets and a good time of camaraderie, she said.
“I’m ready to get to know the community and the people in it,” Dr Katie added.

Benjamin M. Yerger