Pima Animal Care welcomed 108 dogs over the weekend

TUCSON, AZ – The Pima Animal Care Center took in 108 dogs last weekend, according to manager Monica Dangler.

That made a total of 485 dogs at the PACC shelter alone on Monday, and that doesn’t include the hundreds of animals in foster care on behalf of the shelter. Many of the dogs are in non-public kennels due to overcrowding, and the shelter has many puppies with parvovirus who are looking for foster homes where they can complete their treatment, Dangler said in a video posted to social media. of PACC.

PACC currently offers free adoptions and waives most of its recovery fees.

Beyond promotion or adoption, Dangler said the most helpful thing locals can do is try to find the owner themselves if they come across a healthy, friendly stray. Dogs that have escaped from their homes are usually nearby, she said.

About 85% of dogs that come to PACC will never be reunited with their owners, Dangler said.

There are hundreds of dogs available for adoption and fostering at PACC, and even fostering a pet for just a few weeks helps. Some just need a quiet space to recover from illness or injury, or the shelter needs to know a little more about the needs and personality of pets to help find the right home for them. always.

Benjamin M. Yerger