Pima Animal Care takes dogs from overwhelmed caregiver

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The Pima Animal Care Center is in dire need of adopters and foster families due to multiple intakes of large breed dogs from overstretched caregivers.

Details on the case are limited at this time, but PACC animal protection officers brought 8 large dogs from a home last night. As this is a pound, dogs will not be immediately available for adoption and will need to be housed at PACC for the duration of the investigation. Additionally, PACC is working with another overworked caregiver to bring in 12 dogs over the next 2 weeks.

The dogs arriving will add to the 523 dogs already calling PACC home today.

Pima Animal Care takes dogs from overwhelmed caregivers reports az

Currently, the shelter has 10 kennels available for large dogs. Dog adopters are the most immediate need, but foster care, where a community member temporarily cares for a shelter animal in their own home for two weeks, is also helpful in clearing the kennel space and give dogs a break from the stress of the shelter.

Monica Dangler, director of animal services, said that even though the shelter is at critical capacity, PACC must take the dogs into their care.

“We cannot leave these dogs in the conditions they are in,” Dangler said. “We desperately need the community to foster and adopt the dogs that are already in our care to create kennel space for incoming dogs.”

PACC received 23 dogs from another home less than two weeks ago. When large pounds like this happen on top of the 30 dogs, on average, that come to the shelter each day, it puts the PACC in a precarious position, Dangler said.

Anyone who cannot foster, volunteer, or adopt can still help by donating to PACC’s official nonprofit partner, Friends of Pima Animal Care Center.

Pima Animal Care Center is open Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Adoptions are currently free for all adult pets and $50 for puppies and kittens. A $20 license fee applies for adult dogs. For foster families, the shelter provides all medical care and supplies. To see a list of available pets and services, go to pima.gov/animalcare.

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