Pima Animal Care Center Rescue Rover

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – The Pima Animal Care Center is working on a new project that will bring medical care to pets throughout the community. It’s called the PACC Rescue Rover and it will be equipped to provide on-site medical services such as vaccines and microchips.

Roman Urias, development and marketing specialist at Friends of PACC, said it was in the early planning stages, but they were excited to get it off the ground.

“It’s free for the community,” Urias said. “It’s going to fix things like minor issues before they eventually become major issues at PACC.”

They have reached the $50,000 goal but are still looking for more donations, which can be made on their website. Urias said the project would cost over $800,000. The custom vehicle will take several months to complete, but staff members expect the project to be finished around 2023.

PACC’s Nikki Reck said they’ve been talking about this mobile medical unit for years and seen it at other animal shelters across the country. She said that based on what they have seen at other shelters, this will help tremendously with the large number of animals coming to PACC.

“Having this rescue rover will only have a positive impact,” she said. “It’s going to help admissions into the shelter, which helps the pets that are here to be the ones we really need to help them and help them be less stressed, it’s going to help our volunteers and the staff at the shelter. “

The mobile medical unit will travel to the community ready to provide medical services based on the data the PACC will collect, Urias said.

“How we will provide these services is based on the data they have collected,” Urias said. “It will inform us about things like the postcode from which we pick up a pattern or the type of diseases that are in a certain postcode. It’s going to be very needs-based.”



Benjamin M. Yerger