Pima Animal Care Center offers free pet clinics

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Pima Animal Care Center is hosting two free pet clinics April 21 and 22 at Ajo’s Church of God, 1900 N. 2nd Avenue, Ajo. Day one will offer free neutering and neutering services, and day two will feature free vaccines and microchips. This will be a first come, first served event for Ajo residents. ASAVET Charities will help facilitate the clinics.

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PACC Tucson Homeless Pet Connect event, where underprivileged people can meet the health needs of their pets and receive food and other pet products for their companions.

Monica Dangler, director of animal services, said events like these are critical to preventing illnesses in pets and financial hardship for pet owners.

“The shelter has seen an increase in the number of pets entering PACC without vaccinations,” Dangler said. “We’re also seeing pets coming in with parvo or distemper, life-threatening diseases that could have easily been prevented with vaccinations.”

Dogs must be kept on a leash. Cats must be in cages. Pet owners should plan to wait in line. Pet owners will be able to drop off their pets between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Thursday, April 21 for the following services, which will be offered to the first 35 cats and dogs only:

  • Brief examination by a licensed veterinarian
  • Sterilization or spaying surgery and appropriate vaccinations and/or microchips

Services offered on Friday, April 22, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., include:

  • FVRCP Vaccines for Cats (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)
  • DHPP vaccines for dogs (Distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza and hepatitis/adenovirus)
  • Rabies vaccines for cats and dogs
  • Deworming of animals under 6 months old
  • Microchip implantation
  • Other wellness services offered at cost to the owner

Pet owners will have the option to purchase additional services:

  • Exam (comes with DAPP/PRC vaccine) $40
  • Rattlesnake vaccine $50
  • FELV vaccine $35, combined FELV/FIV test $40
  • 4dx instant test $40
  • Nail clipping $15
  • Anal gland expression $20
  • Ear cleaning $20

ASAVET Charities provides supplies and assistance to these clinics. Dr. Karter Neal established the nonprofit in 2014 to provide subsidized care to homeowners in need and in underserved areas of the Southwest, including several Native American nations. A recent donation from the Bonnie Kay Trust Fund allowed Asavet Charities to purchase a mobile clinic in the summer of 2016, which now actively provides clinical services throughout the South West.

Parvovirus and distemper in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats, are some of the most common fatal diseases that can be prevented with a simple vaccine. An estimated 30% of pet owners do not take their pet to a veterinarian for preventative care.

There will be two more pet clinics for Ajo residents later this year:

A separate vaccination and microchipping clinic for Pima County residents is scheduled for April 23 at the Kino Sports Complex.

For people who can’t attend any of these events, there are several places in Pima County where other pet owners can find affordable options for their pets. To see a list of low cost options for spaying/sterilization surgeries, vaccines, microchips and more, please visit the No Kill Pima County website here and/or the Dr. Kelly’s mobile vet van here.

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