Pawlicy Advisor joins the American Animal Hospital Association’s Preferred Business Provider Network

This development accelerates the positive impact that Pawlicy Advisor and AAHA are having on the veterinary industry. Serving the AAHA, a leading veterinary hospital accrediting organization, as the preferred solution for streamlining client education about pet insurance, Pawlicy Advisor is now helping to fill a critical gap in pet insurance management. of convenience for veterinary teams who want clients to inquire about pet insurance, but don’t. have the time or resources to answer customer questions about insurance and the nuances of coverage between breed-specific health risks and financial needs.

“Our accredited member practices continually tell us that they need tools and resources to help them be more efficient so they can focus on delivering the highest quality patient care,” said AAHA’s Director of Value. Keith R. Chamberlain. “Pawlicy Advisor’s commitment to educating veterinary practices about pet health insurance – while making it easy for pet owners to learn about this valuable resource – speaks directly to this member’s needs. For this, we are delighted to include Pawlicy Advisor in our Preferred Business Provider network.”

Established in 2018 as a personalized, data-driven comparison site for pet insurance policies, Pawlicy Advisor has become a go-to resource for pet parents and veterinarians, with a mission to educate and guide pet parents in their search for the right financial protection to care for their pets throughout their lives.

“We are delighted to partner with AAHA – a key leader in the veterinary industry and the authority on pet hospital accreditation – as the preferred business provider. Our two organizations share a commitment to providing veterinary practices with best-in-class resources that elevate the level of veterinary excellence,” said the co-founder and CEO of Pawlicy Advisor. Woody Mawhiney. “By bringing our innovative pet insurance and financing platform to the vast network of AAHA Accredited Practices, we continue to fulfill our mission to help pet owners across the country achieve the best possible care.”

AAHA-accredited veterinary practices looking for an easier, more effective way to educate clients about pet care budgeting can schedule a remote learning luncheon at or through the Preferred Business Provider page. at A team training session lasts 15 minutes and once approved, they can use their account to immediately offer streamlined training to customers. AAHA-accredited firms receive dedicated support and resources from Pawlicy Advisor at no cost to the firm. Pawlacy Advisor is a member of VetPartners and the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.

About Pawlacy Advisor
Pawlicy Advisor is the first independent pet insurance marketplace offering personalized comparisons based on breed-specific attributes and total cost predictions for the pet’s lifetime. Pawlicy Advisor’s data-driven model brings transparency and simplicity to purchasing from leading pet insurance providers. Additionally, Pawlicy Advisor is used by veterinary practices to streamline and outsource the pet insurance conversation to an approved third party. Pawlicy Advisor’s team of pet parents and veterinary advisors are dedicated to making it easy and affordable to do the right thing for our animal companions – and have served over three million pet parents so far. day.

About the AAHA
AAHA’s goal is to simplify the path to excellence for veterinary practices and counts more than 4,500 veterinary practices and hospitals among its accredited members. Since 1933, the American Animal Hospital Association has been the only organization to accredit veterinary hospitals across United States and Canada according to more than 900 standards directly correlated to high quality medicine and compassionate care. The AAHA Accredited logo is the best way to know that a practice has been evaluated by a third party. Look for the AAHA logo or visit

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Benjamin M. Yerger