Parvovirus outbreak temporarily closes Sevier Co. Animal Care Center

SEVIER CO., Tenn. (WVLT) – The Sevier Animal Care Center announced that it will temporarily close on Sunday after an outbreak of parvovirus among the dogs in its care. Instead, the shelter planned to work on an appointment-based system.

Representatives for the shelter announced the closure on Facebook, saying out of an abundance of caution that they had quarantined the affected animals and planned to close until Tuesday, May 31. Because more space is needed for quarantines, shelter representatives said, they have been forced to close for the time being. Unfortunately, many of the dogs in the shelter’s care come from stocking situations, which means they have weak immune systems.

“Our goal is to ensure that we protect our community from this terrible virus without having to unnecessarily euthanize animals or expose new dogs to possible germs,” the announcement reads.

The good news is that the shelter vaccinates animals upon arrival and gives boosters every two weeks, so several animals are still adoptable, shelter representatives said. The quarantine and shutdown were put in place to stop any further spread, Ashley Thomas with the shelter told WVLT News.

“Yes, we just don’t want foot traffic spreading any germs. Yes, everyone here is available for adoption by appointment and they have been cleared by the UT vet school team through their blood results,” she said.

If you still need access to the shelter, or just want to check out some adoptable animals, you can schedule an appointment by calling 865-465-6300.

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Benjamin M. Yerger