One-of-a-kind animal rehabilitation center gets green light in Kelowna – Kelowna News

Animal rehabilitation clinic to try

Kelowna will soon be home to a unique animal rehabilitation center.

The non-profit Wild Things rehabilitation center has been given the go-ahead by city council to use a small wooded lot on O’Reilly Road for the clinic.

Council approved the application despite objections from planning staff who said they were not opposed to the use itself, but rather the use of the land.

“It’s not what the staff object to, it’s where they want to put the building,” planner Dean Strachan said.

“What we were trying to do was direct the requester to an area of ​​the site that had already been disrupted or altered.”

However, the council said the positive benefits far outweighed any negative impacts or concerns for a few area residents.

Wild Things founder Sydney Platz told the council that the property was ideal for their needs.

“We had been scouring Kelowna and out of the city limits looking for properties like this…we want to be as woodsy and as natural as possible, hidden from the public but still accessible, we can reach wildlife and get them in a timely manner” , Platz said.

“When we saw this property…it’s perfect for our purposes as you can’t see it from the road. It’s completely forested from the outside and it’s perfect for wildlife rehabilitation.”

Platz says people won’t be bringing animals to the clinic, but rather trained staff and volunteers who will rescue the animals.

The center will primarily treat small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, groundhogs and birds.

Any larger animals like deer or coyotes will be referred to other rehabilitation agencies across the province.

The property on O’Reilly Road is owned by Maria and William Kitsch who will provide the property free to the center for five years, with the option to extend this for another five years.

Benjamin M. Yerger