Officials invite the public to a forum on the animal care and adoption center

There are plenty of animal lovers here in the Twin Cities.

And we’re not just talking about their own dogs, cats and other pets. There is also a lot of compassion for the plight of stray animals. We hear from readers pretty much every time we post a story about the local animal shelter. And the topic gets a lot of attention every time a post about the shelter pops up on social media.

City officials are also hearing residents’ opinions about the shelter. And they want to give citizens the opportunity to say even more.

Texarkana, Ark., City Manager Jay Ellington and Animal Care and Adoption Center Manager Lenor Teague will hear concerns and answer questions from the public at a forum scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday at the ACAC Building, 203 Harrison Street.

Maybe you have something to say about the shelter or maybe a question about policies, procedures or governance. Well, opinions don’t mean much if they’re not voiced. Nor the questions not asked.

Now is your chance to be heard. And by speaking up, you may be helping to improve the lives of stray and abandoned animals in our region.

Print title: Shelter ConcernsOfficials invites the public to a forum on Animal Care and Adoption Center

Benjamin M. Yerger