Norfolk Animal Care Center resumes adoptions after parvo exposure

NORFOLK, Virginia. (WAVY) – The Norfolk Animal Care Center has resumed stray intakes, owner abandonments and dog adoptions after precautions were taken against canine parvovirus (CPV).

After admitting a stray dog ​​that tested positive for CPV, the NACC title tested all currently housed dogs to determine immunity to the disease.

Of the 65 dogs tested, 50 were not exposed and are eligible for adoption. The 15 dogs that tested negative, meaning they have little or no immunity to the virus, will be vaccinated and monitored in a separate part of the shelter for 14 days.

NACC resumed admissions, surrenders, and adoptions on September 30, 2022, after their testing was completed and the quarantine process was implemented. If you want to adopt, you can see all the animals eligible for adoption as well as the opening hours of the shelter here.

NACC is also looking for foster homes for a variety of animals, as well as volunteers and donations. To find out more about sponsorship, send an e-mail [email protected] If you would like to devote your time to helping animals, you can contact [email protected] to become a volunteer.

ANCC is accepting donations for shelter items and funds here. Donations help subsidize the medical treatment of shelter animals as well as support pet retention resources for low-income pet owners.

Benjamin M. Yerger