Norfolk Animal Care Center limits intakes and quarantine due to CPV exposure

NORFOLK, Va. – The Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC) is now limiting intakes, testing all dogs, and quarantining them as needed in response to exposure to canine parvovirus (CPV).

On Thursday, the NACC admitted a stray dog ​​who was found running around Norfolk. On Sunday, September 25, the dog showed symptoms of CPV and the test came back positive.

Shelter veterinarian Dr Kyra Kelly made the decision to euthanize the dog to protect the shelter population from further spread.

Due to known exposure and open facility configuration, all dogs currently housed at the shelter will be tested. Dogs with less immunity will be vaccinated, quarantined and closely monitored for at least 14 days. Dogs with higher immunity test results will be classified as unexposed and eligible for adoption.

NACC has implemented the following:

  • Thorough cleaning of the dog’s floor using Rescue (accelerated hydrogen peroxide), a disinfectant shelter cleaner and bleach. All cleaners have been diluted to a ratio that kills PVC.
  • All dogs were vaccinated (Distemper DHPP) for added protection.
  • Categorize all shelter dogs as infected, exposed and unexposed.

The NACC will only accept strays and owner discounts on an emergency, case-by-case basis during this 14 day period.

The NACC is closed for dog adoption until Thursday, September 29. The NACC continues to be open for the adoption of cats and small mammals.

Benjamin M. Yerger