MU’s small animal hospital cuts some after-hours emergency services


A shortage of veterinarians led one of the University of Missouri’s veterinary hospitals to cut some emergency department hours.

The UM Veterinary Health Center Small Animal Hospital emergency service stopped overnight for animals not already patients of the center. The hospital’s website said it would always offer help “when animals have serious or life-threatening illnesses or injuries requiring immediate attention.”

The Small Animal Hospital is one of the few places in town that provides emergency help for pets, such as cats and dogs. University spokesperson Christian Basi told ABC 17 news that an increase in pet adoptions during the COCIVD-19 pandemic has also created more work for the hospital.

“We plan to return to regular hours in the next few weeks as we have been able to hire additional vets,” Basi said.

Horton Animal Hospital Discovery also offers emergency animal health care.

The ASPCA reported in May that one in five households in the United States have adopted a pet since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey also revealed that 90% of dog adopters and 85% of cat adopters plan to keep their pets.

Benjamin M. Yerger