Misty Eyes Animal Center Celebrates Groundbreaking Expansion

The owners raised funds for three years to expand their facility to help care for more animals.

AVON, Ind. – Ten years ago, Renee Harlor and Cherie Fox wanted to improve the homeless animal population in Hendricks County and came up with the idea for Misty Eyes Animal Center. It’s 100% volunteer-based, and over the past 10 years they’ve been able to help over 2,000 cats and dogs.

Yet for every dog ​​they can accommodate, they have to turn away two, mostly due to lack of space.

Over the past three years, Harlor and Fox have raised money for an expansion of Misty Eyes so they can help more animals. Last October, the owners celebrated the inauguration of the expansion of their facilities.

It will include a new Kitty City, which will allow them to help 400 more cats a year, Canine Country, and an education center which will include training for animals and humans.

Harlor said beyond rehabilitating and rehoming animals, they are passionate about teaching people about responsible and kind pet ownership. That’s what their education and outreach teams do.

Fox said cats need it more than dogs because they seem to get kicked out and abandoned more often.

“There’s a huge population of stray cats,” Fox said.

She said it was vital for the community to understand why spaying and sterilization are so important.

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“A female kitten can start having babies at 8 months old. They can have five, six per litter. They can come into heat eight weeks to 10 weeks after having a litter, and that cycle can continue. “, Fox mentioned.

The center is run solely by volunteers, host families and community donations.

At present, the center has about 65 foster families caring for the animals in their homes. There is no charge for host families. Everything – food, medicine, even toys – is provided by Misty Eyes through donations.

The shelter is always looking for volunteers. For more information on how to help, visit mistyeyes.org.

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Benjamin M. Yerger