Minneapolis Animal Care and Control cancels free adoptions after successful first day

Update: National Adoption Weekend in Minneapolis has been canceled after city officials say it had a very successful first day.

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control had planned to waive adoption fees Friday through Sunday, however, hours after the event began today, all 23 dogs and 21 cats were adopted. In a press release, Animal Care & Control thanked community members who stood up for animals in need of families.

Anyone interested in adopting a pet should consider contacting Animal Care & Control or scheduling an adoption appointment online.

Original story:

It’s National Adoption Weekend and Minneapolis Animal Care and Control is celebrating by giving away all of its cats and dogs for free.

It continues at their shelter along North 17th Avenue in Minneapolis from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday, dozens lined up early to try and get their newest family member.

“My wife and I have been looking to adopt a dog for a very long time, so she is very happy today,” said Dominic Aron, of Minneapolis.

“Obviously the community showed up, so we’re really excited about that,” said Madison Weissenborn, volunteer coordinator at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control. “We’ve partnered with local shelters and rescues to bring us all together and hopefully get animals adopted this weekend.”

Whether it’s a cat or a dog joining the family, you will first need to complete an application upon arrival which the staff will review.

“Doing the app just allows us to understand a little bit more of that life at home, it also allows us to check whether there’s any cruelty in the background because we want to make sure those animals are going to a good place. hearth,” Weissenborn said.

While waiving the weekend fee, you still have to pay the tab for the pet license, and that can range from as low as $15 per year if you qualify to $250 for a license at life.

“It’s really helpful because we also have two dogs and the costs for basic needs add up, so if you can save a bit to start it will go straight to the cat we get,” one woman said. who was looking to adopt a cat on Friday.

If you need help choosing your perfect pet, the team will be happy to help.

“We can kind of match you with the animal that we think would be the best fit,” Weissenborn said.

For more information on the event and licensing fees, go here.

Benjamin M. Yerger