Metro Animal Care and Control Adoption and Recovery Fee Waiver | News

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Metro Animal Care and Control announced Tuesday that it is waiving adoption and reclaiming fees for those who wish to adopt or find pets.

Since they found they were beyond their ideal dog capacity, MACC opted to waive the adoption fee in an effort to encourage community members to adopt a new pet. There are currently over 60 dogs residing at the facility.

In addition to waiving adoption fees, MACC is also waiving retrieval fees for those who pick up their dog. Both waived fees will be in effect until Sunday, January 9.

All pets that are adopted from MACC are neutered, microchipped and begin initial vaccinations.

Animals that are brought to MACC are usually brought in as stray or lost pets. MACC officials check every pet brought in for a microchip and attempt to contact their owners. They also post photos of each pet on their website under the “I’ve lost a pet” tab.

MACC is also asking the public to consider becoming a foster home for pets in need. MACC provides all the equipment such as food and other supplies that would be needed for any other pets. MACC said pets should stay in foster homes until an adoptive family comes along.

Benjamin M. Yerger