McKamey Animal Center seeks information on cruelty neglect case; $500 reward available

A Good Samaritan called Monday to report that a stray dog ​​with electrical tape around his mouth and a string around his neck had wandered onto his porch.

“When McKamey Animal Center animal protection officers arrived, they rescued this terrified little mixed-breed dog and immediately brought her to our medical clinic to remove the electrical tape and check for any other injuries.” , officials said.

“This is a blatant case of animal cruelty,” said McKamey Animal Center Director of Animal Welfare Mary Howard. “If she hadn’t wandered onto the front porch of a citizen who was able to immediately call for help, it’s unclear what might have happened to her. There’s simply no excuse or justification for dealing with a animal in this way, and we look forward to tracking down and prosecuting the person(s) responsible.

“McKamey Animal Center needs the public’s help in identifying the perpetrators of this horrific act of animal cruelty. If you have any information about this dog, its owner, or its perpetrator, please call us immediately at 423-305- 6500 x153 or email [email protected]

MAC is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the prosecution of the individual or individuals involved. Donations to the MAC Reward Fund can be made online at to help raise this reward.

Benjamin M. Yerger