McKamey Animal Center Brings Back Trailblazers Program

McKamey Animal Center announces its latest program to help people and pets, their new and improved Trailblazers program.

The MAC Trailblazers program allows people to hang out with a shelter dog for a day, giving them companionship and the dog for a day — and hopefully finding the dog a new home in the process.

MAC has selected Trail Pups available for people to “go” for a walk around town, a hike, or just lunch at a local pet-friendly restaurant. All they ask in return is that people keep the dog safe, bring him back in time for the bed check, and help the dog get adopted by sharing your adventures on social media. Tag @mckameycenter and use #MACTrailblazers to do so.

Anyone over the age of 18 can be a Trailblazer – no training or orientation necessary. Every time someone Trailblazes, they’ll receive a Trailblazer kit to take home and give one lucky Trail Pup the opportunity to hang out outside a kennel, relax, stretch their legs, and hopefully -the, to meet a new family.

The new Trailblazers program is free, although MAC encourages donations as there are costs associated with maintaining the program.

To register as a Trailblazer or for more information, visit: or call the MAC Adoption Team at 305-6514.

Benjamin M. Yerger