Lenor Teague named director of Texarkana Animal Care & Adoption Center

There is a new executive director for the Texarkana Animal Care & Adoption Center, Lenor Teague. Lenor has hired new employees and is seeking community feedback. Contact the center at 870.773.6388.

Press release:

The City of Texarkana, Arkansas is pleased to announce the hiring of Lenor Teague as the new Director of the Animal Care & Adoption Center (ACAC). Lenor was appointed Director on September 20, 2021. Lenor has been a City employee since December 2018 and has 15 years of management experience where she has demonstrated strong results as a leader and manager.

Since joining, there have been many changes with ACAC, including the continued construction of a new adoption center and many renovations to existing facilities. While this time of transition has not been easy, we look forward to the future rewards these changes will bring to our shelter and the community.

Our shelter/adoption center also needs donations for adoptions and food for our animals. Lenor has hired new employees and is currently in contact with our community to improve our services. You can contact Lenor at (870-773-6388) for all things Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Benjamin M. Yerger