‘Lady’ adopted for the fifth time from the Young-Williams Animal Center

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – Lady, the 9-year-old mixed-breed dog who was adopted four times, was adopted again and was finally able to leave the shelter.

In a month Lady will turn 10, and many around her hoped it would not be celebrated at the Young-Williams Animal Center but in a forever home.

Adoption coordinator Kat Stone said Lady is a mixed-breed dog with some Pit Bull, Hound and Labrador. For over 11 months, Lady has been in and out of the shelter after being adopted four times. She was sent away after every hope forever home.

According to Stone, it is difficult to manage your emotions when an animal returns to the shelter. She added that it is a better alternative than an animal in an uncomfortable living situation.

“Even though she’s almost 10, sometimes she acts like she’s about six months old and still wants to perform,” Stone said. “So sometimes people looking for an older dog are looking for that calmer energy that Lady doesn’t necessarily have all the time.”

Stone said Lady loved children and people, but an ideal situation was a home with no other pets, as Lady tends to get nervous when other animals are around.

The adoption fee is $40.

Additional photos and information about other animals available for adoption can be found on the YWAC website.

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Benjamin M. Yerger