Jackson Animal Care Center seeks a loving home for pets after major intake

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson Animal Care Center needs the help of the community.

“We currently have around 65 cats in the building and we have an additional 70-75 in foster care. And then we have about three dozen dogs in the building,” said Whitney Owen, director of animal services for the city of Jackson. “We have already welcomed nearly 700 animals to the shelter this year, including just over 200 in May.”

And these animals need a new home.

Owen says they have recently had an influx of animals into the shelter and are looking for people to adopt or foster.


“We’re open to the public five days a week,” Owen said. “We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. People are welcome to walk in, see any we currently have available. We try to really tailor the dog or cat to the person looking to adopt to make it a little easier, a little more successful overall.

Owen says many of the animals in the shelter are strays and says one way to avoid overcrowding at your local shelter is to put ID on your pet.

“Microchipping is obviously the best and easiest way to ensure your pet is identified for life,” Owen said. “It’s the easiest way to get back to the field so that the animal never ends up in a shelter. We cannot contact an owner if they only have a rabies label.

She says another way to reduce overcrowding is to get your pets fixed.

“Sterilization and sterilization is huge. If you have pets, we can make it super affordable. We have a cost assistance program for Madison County residents to help with spaying and sterilization costs,” Owen said.

Owen says it will take everyone in the community to help solve the problem.


“It’s an issue that’s going to need community involvement, it’s going to need the community to care that it’s an issue. Take responsibility for their own pets. Make sure their pets company are not contributing to the problem.

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Benjamin M. Yerger