IAMS partners with Animal Center to protect dogs ahead of July 4 holiday

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Ten million pets are reported lost or stolen in the United States each year. More dogs go missing on and around July 4 than at any other time of year, making the days around the holidays some of the busiest for shelters. To help ensure beloved pets are protected ahead of the holidays, the IAMS brand is offering free pet check-in services with its first nose-scanning smartphone technology, NOSEiD. Through the NOSEiD app, pet parents can create a profile for their dog, including scans of their dog’s nose and physical description to help pet parents find the missing dog.

The NOSEiD app is not intended to replace the microchip – microchips generally require the dog to be taken to a shelter or vet to be scanned.

IAMS, in partnership with the Williamson County Animal Center, is hosting an event today, Thursday July 1 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., in the Petsmart parking lot at 8105 Moores Lane in Brentwood. The Williamson County Animal Center mobile adoption unit will be in the parking lot directly across from Petsmart

No prior registration is required, all you have to do is show up during the time slot to register your pet.

This is how the NOSEiD app works:

  • Pet parents can download the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a profile for their dog, including scans of their dog’s nose and a physical description.
  • If a dog goes missing, the pet owner can report that their dog is lost and the missing dog alert will be instantly sent to other NOSEiD app users in their community.
  • Anyone who finds a lost dog can use the app to check lost dog profiles in the community, as well as scan the found dog’s nose to search the NOSEiD app for matches. Once the dog has been identified, the finder can connect with the pet’s parent to reunite them with their dog.

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