Helen Woodward Animal Center Featured in ‘Lucky Dog’ TV Series

Last weekend’s episode of the long-running CBS television series “Lucky Dog” featured the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe and its efforts to rehabilitate and relocate rescues to high-mortality animal shelters nationwide. .

Now in its 10th season, “Lucky Dog” is a documentary-style series that tells weekly stories about how dog trainers work with difficult, untrained shelter dogs to turn them into adoptable pets. For the episode, which airs at 7 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 22, on CBS 8 in San Diego, co-host Eric Wiese and camera follow the admissions process as dogs arrive at Helen Woodward from other shelters. Together, they go through a day-long process of dog cleaning, a medical exam, exercise, a temperament assessment program and a photoshoot for the adoption page on the center’s website. The episode was filmed on December 13.

“Lucky Dog” TV show host Eric Wiese films a scene with a newly arrived puppy at the Helen Woodward Animal Center on December 13.

(Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Founded in 1972, Helen Woodward expanded its original mission as an animal sanctuary under the leadership of President and CEO Michael Arms. In addition to providing adoption services for more than 10,000 animals each year, the center offers animal encounter therapy programs and an education program for children.

One of the center’s major underwriters is Blue Buffalo Pet Products, which donated more than 100,000 pounds of pet food last year to feed Helen Woodward’s pets for adoption. Blue Buffalo is also the sponsor of the television series “Lucky Dog”. Blue Buffalo co-founder Billy Bishop connected the show’s producers with Helen Woodward’s team for the new episode.

In the Jan. 22 episode, show co-host Wiese — who runs the Happy Puppy dog ​​training center in Los Angeles with his wife and “Lucky Dog” co-host Rashi Khanna Wiese — looks through kennels to find a suitable dog for a young man looking for an active companion for his lifestyle. He selects and trains Lady, a one-year-old outgoing female terrier mix.

“We were truly honored to be a part of this show,” Helen Woodward center spokeswoman Fernanda Lopez said in a statement. “With the help of our rescue partners, the center removes thousands of orphan dogs from high-mortality shelters each year. We see what amazing pets they become and how happy they make their families. “Lucky Dog” does a wonderful job of reminding the public that rescuing a dog is a blessing for both the dog and the family.

For preview videos and show details, visit facebook.com/cbsluckydog or for adoptions, visit animalcenter.org.

Benjamin M. Yerger