Helen Woodward Animal Center Baby Bottle Sets –

RANCHO SANTA FE (KUSI) – It’s spring! This means that orphaned newborn kittens and puppies will flood the Helen Woodward Animal Center in the weeks and months to come and many will depend on the center staff and volunteers for their survival.

During kitten season, the Helen Woodward Animal Center has an increased need for supplies to care for these vulnerable babies. Often mother cats are separated from their babies, injured or unable to care for them. These babies need bottle feedings every two hours, warming supplies, formula, scales to measure their growth, and thermometers to make sure they stay healthy.

Throughout the year there is a regular need for puppies involving these supplies as well.

Right now, people can gift a set of bottles to make sure these baby animals have everything they need to get started once they’ve gone into foster care.

Baby bottle sets start at just $25 and include the essential supplies these babies need.

$25 – –
$50 – “Help Me Grow” – formula, bottles, heating pad, thermometer, wipes and scale
$130 – “Everything I need” – formula, bottles, heating pad, thermometer, wipes, scale, blanket, backpack to carry all my supplies and a stuffed animal that beats the heart to give babies the feeling of having their mother.

To donate a set of bottles, follow this link: https://my.animalcenter.org/campaign/the-babies-are-coming-baby-bottle-bundles/c329527

Benjamin M. Yerger