Heathrow is planning a new animal center

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the word quarantine was most often associated in aviation circles with transporting animals. It can be a complicated procedure, but, to expedite these matters, London Heathrow Airport is set to open a new animal shelter. The UK’s busiest airport hopes to open the facility by the fourth quarter of 2021.

A specialized establishment

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Heathrow aims to open its new animal shelter. According to Air Cargo News, the facility is expected to measure an impressive 8,209 square feet and will be managed by a company called Animal Aircare.


In addition to serving as a welcome center for the traveling animals, the new facility will also function as an approved border checkpoint for the creatures. Animal Aircare’s Commercial and Facilities Manager, Pete Bryant, welcomed the proposed opening of the center, saying:

We are delighted to open our factory strategically based in London Heathrow. The new operation will not only help us better serve our customers, but will also enable airlines and freight forwarders to expand the services they provide..”

Heathrow airport airplane
Heathrow would have hoped for greater advances. Photo: Getty Images

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What will the center offer?

Heathrow’s new animal welcome center will offer users a variety of services with the aim of making transporting animals by air as smooth as possible. The temperature-controlled facility will, for example, give direct access to the ramp to partner airlines, which it will also help with the administrative details to ensure they have permission to transport the creatures.

As for what the facility will offer the animals themselves, the team will take care of aspects such as transporting the creatures through the airport and boarding them on the plane in question in boxes. appropriate travel. His role will be to ensure that the animals are transported in a safe and legal manner. UK Animal Aircare manager Claire Beadle added:

Our experienced team of animal welfare officers are pet owners and animal lovers themselves and are committed to making transporting pets and other animals a smooth and worry-free experience..”

ITA Airways has requested 98 weekly slots at Heathrow Airport. Photo: Getty Images

An animal-friendly airport

Heathrow has something of a history when it comes to its involvement with animals. Indeed, in 2014, its Terminal 5 hosted a training event for puppies on their way to becoming support animals. A nine-year-old retired guide dog helped them.

It is important for support animals to familiarize themselves with such an environment, as 70-90,000 passengers requiring assistance used Heathrow per month at its peak. With this in mind, Guide Dogs London’s Head of Engagement, Rob Harris, said:

It’s fantastic that Heathrow Terminal 5 opens its arms to our puppy walkers who can make the most of a lively environment to exhibit the dogs, safe in the knowledge that they and the dog will be taken care of. This will help ensure that our guide dogs continue to change lives.”

Are you looking forward to the opening of the Heathrow Pet Center? Have you ever traveled with a pet? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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