Goose finds life partner at MA Veterinary Hospital: Photos


A goose has been reunited with its injured partner at a veterinary clinic in Massachusetts.

New England Wildlife Center

An injured wild goose was heading for surgery when animal hospital staff made a heartwarming discovery.

The branch of the New England Wildlife Center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, said he found Arnold the goose limping near a pond on Tuesday and decided to take him in for a checkup. It was then that staff discovered two broken bones that could threaten his chances of survival.

But Arnold’s luck quickly turned, thanks to a surprise visitor.

“As we prepared to calm Arnold down and get him ready for surgery, we heard a light tapping on the clinic door,” the wildlife center wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. “We turned around to see his mate had waddled out onto the porch and was trying to break into our clinic!”

It turns out that Arnold’s female partner tracked him down and remained outside the clinic throughout the operation.

And after the procedure was completed, the hospital said it allowed Arnold to recover near the door. A photo posted on Facebook shows the animal with an oxygen mask on its beak as its partner looks on.

“His mate immediately calmed down and began grooming him through the door,” officials said. “They both seemed a lot more comfortable around each other.”

Arnold is a Canada goose, a species that mates with a single partner for life. Or as the veterinary hospital calls it: “Through sickness and health”.

Social media users couldn’t get enough of the the couple’s long-standing commitment. The wildlife center’s Facebook post on Friday had around 2,900 reactions and several comments wishing Arnold a speedy recovery.

“What a wonderful love story,” one person commented on Facebook. “Thank you for your care and compassion in helping Arnold. Soon he will be reunited with his beloved.

“This story is great” another person wrote. “I have always been touched by Canada Geese and how they mate for life.”

The hospital, located in the Cape Cod town of Barnstable, said it would be a few weeks before Arnold could be reunited with his companion. His foot was fractured and he will have to spend most of his time indoors while his injuries heal.

“We will do our best to get him out quickly and will do bandaging changes and treatments in sight of the door when possible so his mate can watch him,” the wildlife center said.

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