‘Good Morning America’ Visits Women’s Animal Center to Celebrate Rescue Dogs and Animals

BENSALEM, Pa. (WPVI) — It’s “Dogust” 1, and the pups in Bensalem, Bucks County, were ready to celebrate Monday morning.

“Good Morning America” ​​visited the Women’s Animal Center to celebrate with the puppies.

“It’s universal birthday for all those dogs whose birthday we don’t know is, all those rescue dogs who deserve their special day, and GMA is giving them today,” GMA’s Lara Spencer said.

Benjamin, Brax, Javi and the rest of the canine gang were dressed and ready for the trail.

“It lets people know that there are pets in these shelters and they just need a second chance at a forever home,” explained Karen Lash of Women’s Animal Shelter.

The Women’s Animal Center is America’s first animal sanctuary and was founded in 1869 by 30 pioneering women.

Lash said that recently the shelter has been faced with rising costs and an influx of animals.

“The cost of shelter supplies, water, electricity, as well as microchips, food, all the things we need to take care of those precious lives has gone up. So that makes fundraising that much more difficult but that much more necessary,” Lash said. .

On Monday, GMA presented the Women’s Animal Center with a check for $5,000 from Rachel Ray and her company Nutrish.

“It’s really important to remind people to rescue rather than buy. There are just too many dogs that need good homes. Cats, in this case birds, I’ve heard they had rabbits here, guinea pigs, you name it, come get that,” Spencer said.

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