Each pet rescued after damage to animal care center

OCALA, Fla. – The community of Ocala continues to heat up in the wake of this weekend’s tornado.

What do you want to know

  • An animal care center was badly damaged after a tornado hit it
  • The community of Ocala came together to recuse all boarding animals
  • Dog Walkers Ranch has opened its building for Paddock Place to use temporarily
  • Paddock Place has set up a GoFundMe for damaged employee cars

For Ayla Pritchard, caring for dogs has always been the dream job for her and her family.

So when his family saw the tornado damage to Paddock Place in Ocala, they knew they had to take action.

“My husband was just like, ‘We’ve got all the room they need. Let’s just bring them here.’ He called me and was like, ‘Hey baby, we’re bringing 48 dogs.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” said Ayla Pritchard, co-owner of Dog Walkers Ranch.

From there, she says it was time to go. But they were not alone.

A whole community of animal lovers and professionals came to help Paddock Place.

“There were so many vets and other boarders and the community that came out to help get everyone in. It was the smoothest process I’ve ever seen,” Pritchard said.

Back at Paddock Place, head of training Vicki Bennett is delighted with the support she has received over the past few days.

“People who showed up to help, it was so heartwarming because they came from all over,” Bennett said.

Dog Walker’s Ranch lets Paddock Place work out of its establishment until it is operational. It’s something Pritchard told Spectrum News 13 they would do again because it’s so important to the community.

“When you know something traumatic like this is happening, you just want to be able to do whatever you can to help them,” Pritchard said.

Paddock Place has a GoFundMe for employee cars that were damaged by the tornado. Click here for more information.

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Benjamin M. Yerger