DCC Animal Hospital reopens Greater Kailash II center now offering veterinary and grooming services

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DCC Animal Hospital reopens Greater Kailash II center now offering veterinary and grooming services

Posted May 19, 2022

The branch now houses top-notch pet grooming services in addition to specialized pet care and diagnostic services.

DCC (Dogs Cats & Companions) Animal Hospital, a famous state-of-the-art, multi-specialty pet care chain, has reopened in the Greater Kailash II area of ​​New Delhi, located on the main road of Savitri. With its main center at Gurugram, it was previously operational in Greater Kailash (E-556, Block E, Part II) as a hospital. But now, the center has been revamped into a holistic pet care facility that offers end-to-end services like grooming, consultation and various treatments – all under one roof.

The centre, which is now larger and better equipped, houses two consultation rooms, two grooming rooms and a host of pet diagnostic and therapy services. This center has been revamped and re-opened after lots of feedback from customers and users who were looking for a one stop shop for pet care in this area of ​​Delhi-NCR. After listening to their loyal customers, DCC decided to relaunch the GK center with an even wider range of services to meet all their needs.

The facility also has two experienced veterinarians always on hand – Dr. Chetan Sharma and Dr. Shivam under the direction of DCC’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Vinod Sharma, and specially trained staff to meet all needs. animals, and provide care on a par with that of humans. Some breeds also need frequent grooming, and in the summer the demand increases even more, as pet owners want to have their pets groomed regularly, so they can feel as comfortable as possible. . But what sets the center apart is the extra care and attention given to the way the animals are handled and treated, as well as the selection of grooming products used to ensure that all skin types and fur can be treated well.

Although regular examinations, treatments and grooming are essential for our furry companions, their experience during the process and their feelings are equally important and valid. Therefore, veterinarians and CDC staff take special care to ensure that animals feel as comfortable and at ease as possible, instead of being frightened or anxious. In addition, each product used on animals is also chosen by veterinarians, after careful consideration of the pet’s skin type, fur type and medical conditions.

Additionally, DCC has introduced a number of packages for medical and personal care services, giving customers a big savings advantage. As such, the Greater Kailash Center is perfectly positioned to serve the needs of a large number of pet parents across Delhi, and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to raising the voice of its pets. clients.

Dr Vinod Sharma, Chief Veterinary Officer at DCC Animal Hospital, said“We think from a pet perspective, so for us the opinions and thoughts of pet parents are very important and we believe our insights are right there. Medically we have a strong team and experienced, and we are committed to the cause of pets, they are a part of us. We think like one, treat like one. Whether it’s grooming or any other service, we must ensure that only the best techniques, products and services are provided.We are growing rapidly, and GK II has been in existence for over a year, we have revamped as we understand the gap in needs.We need to grow and include more people. offers for our furry animals.

Benjamin M. Yerger