County Moves Forward with Animal Center and Record Building Projects | News

It’s a rush for materials in the construction world, and high demand for lumber and other construction needs is putting pressure on government projects to get things done as quickly as possible.

Williamson County is no exception, and with several major capital projects underway, time is running out.

The Public Buildings Authority met on Tuesday to hear a progress report on these projects. Jim Cross, owner of local project development company Oversite, said the team working on the new facility at the Williamson County Animal Center made up for a week it lost due to weather events this year.

The new facility on Old Charlotte Pike in Franklin, which will be approximately 2.5 times larger than the current building on Claude Yates Drive, is expected to be completed in November of this year. He shared that a delayed shipment of HardiePlank siding was “becoming a problem” as it was pushed back several weeks.

“They are not concerned. It doesn’t really impact the critical path timeline at the moment, but it’s just something we’re keeping an eye on,” Cross said. “Like everything else, the demand is high and the supply is low, and the price of vinyl siding, they say, has gone up so much that people are now using HardiePlank instead of vinyl siding.”

While the team awaits some of these exterior elements, they are also placing floor and wall tiles throughout the interior of the building and continuing work on the sewer lines.

The council also voted on Tuesday to hire Solomon Builders, a Nashville-based contractor, to build a new Williamson County Records building on the same property as the animal shelter for $419,257 in service fees, the bid the lowest of 10 the county received.

Cross said he had “no complaints” working with Solomon Builders in the past.

“We need to have a contractor on board as soon as possible,” he said. “Material deliveries become a problem and we have to start the shop drawing. You will recall that this building affects the Juvenile Justice building.

Currently, the Records Building is located on Beasley Drive in Franklin, where the county plans to build and renovate the current buildings to upgrade the sheriff’s office, jail, and juvenile center. It’s part of the five-year, $281 million project called the JJJ — or triple-J — project that also includes renovations for county courts.

Before the county can begin work on the new juvenile building, the Williamson County Archives must be moved to a new location.

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Benjamin M. Yerger